Galloway,  Israel/Palestine

Galloway and M & S

During Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, George Galloway’s operative Rob Hoveman issued a statement strongly denying that Galloway had ever suggested Marks & Spencer shops should be boycotted because of the company’s alleged ties to Israel:

Not only did Mr Galloway not intend to refer generally to retailers, he is on film the night before speaking in the London Muslim Centre explicitly and categorically stating that Marks & Spencer should NOT be boycotted, explaining that it is a public company owned by shareholders like any other and has nothing to do with Israel.

I wrote at the time:

Why he is willing to let Marks & Spencer off the hook, given its “continuing links” with and “ongoing support” for Israel I have no idea.

In fact according to several anti-Israel websites (like this one), a boycott of M & S is in full force. And anti-Zionists still turn out to protest in front of M & S in Manchester and other cities.

So why is Galloway so eager to let the company off the hook? One possible reason is that he likes their food and, um, advertisements featuring underwear.

Danni in M&S knicks and pyjamas as part of the new advertising campaign will surely help the store. Alongside the past adverts featuring Twiggy and Mylene and my favourite – Noemie Lenoir – the ad campaign of the high street warhorse has begun to get it back on its feet.

A good thing too. Their food is ace, their underwear terrific value. But their ads are marvellous.

It reads almost like a paid advertisement itself.

Here are a couple of the ads that apparently make Galloway go weak at the knees: