UK Politics


This is a guest-post from Hope Not Hate

The clock is ticking.

In just six short weeks we will head to the polls. When that day in May comes, will you be able to say you did all you could to stop the BNP from winning power?

The threat is real. Both nationally and locally the BNP are standing an unprecedented number of candidates. The BNP is using EU money to bankroll itself. All their key General Election candidates are on the EU payroll, as are the people actually co-ordinating their election campaign. And there is a real danger that it will take control of their first council.

But the die has not been cast – it’s time to step up and take action.

If you’ve never attended a Hope Not Hate event before, now is the time. Find an event near you now:

These are true community-building events. We will be handing out literature, talking to our neighbours, and going door to door to make sure everyone understands the threat posed by the BNP. And we know that this action can make the difference between the BNP winning or losing power.

We both know the truth about the BNP. From denying the Holocaust, to attacking the weak in our society – the BNP will stop at nothing to have their way.

And their way is an all-white Britain. That is not my Britain and I know it’s not yours either.

Now is the time to get involved. Fight back before time runs out. Sign up for an event near you and let’s make the most of these crucial six weeks: