From the Vaults: HUAC, 1949

I have recently read a fascinating book: 100 Things You Should Know About Communism, prepared in 1949 by the Committee on Un-American Activities of the U.S. House of Representatives  (HUAC). This book,  available free on line, is a compilation of a number of individual pamphlets detailing various aspects of things you should know about Communism: Communism in the U.S.A, Communism and religion, Communism and education and so on. Each individual pamphlet contains 100 questions and answers. I detail a selection of these questions and answers below:

What is Communism?

A system by which one small group seeks to rule the world.

Has any nation ever gone Communist in a free election?


What would happen if Communism should come into power in this country?

Our capital would move from Washington to Moscow. Every man, woman, and child would come under Communist discipline.

Would I be better off than I am now?


Could I change my job?

No, you would work where you are told, at what you are told, for wages fixed by the government.

Could I go to school?

You could go to the kind of school the Communists tell you to, AND NOWHERE ELSE. You could go as long as they let you AND NO LONGER.

You could read ONLY what the Communists let you; hear only what they let you, and as far as they could manage, you would KNOW only what they let you.

Could I own my own home?

No. Under Communism, all real estate in the city as well as the country belongs to the government, which is in turn run by the Communists.

Your living quarters would be assigned to you, and you would pay rent as ordered.

What would happen to my bank account?

All above a small sum would be confiscated. The rest would be controlled for you.

Could I leave any property to my family when I die?

No, because you wouldn’t have any to leave.

Could I travel around the country as I please?

No. You would have to get police permission for every move you make, if you could get it.

Could I teach what I please with “academic freedom”?

You would teach only what the Communists authorize you to teach. You would be asking for jail or death to try anything else.

Could I exchange letters with friends in other countries?

With the police reading your mail, you could try – once.

After you join [the Communists], what do you have to do?

You have to obey the Party in all things. It may tell you to change your home, your job, your husband, or wife. It may order you to lie, steal, rob, or to go out into the street and fight.

It claims the power to tell you what to think and what to do every day of your life….

What do Communists call those who criticize them?

“Red baiters,” “witch hunters,” “Fascists.” These are just three out of a tremendous stock of abusive labels Communists attempt to smear on anybody who challenges them.

What is the difference in fact between a Communist and a Fascist?

None worth noticing.

What was his [Marx] idea on morality….?

That anything is moral – even lying stealing and murder – if it brings on Communism….

Why do any people fall for their [the Communist] line?

They promise all things that people have always sought – an easier life, an end to trouble.

Do they deliver?

Of course not. Once they get in control, they reduce a nation to horror and slavery….

What do the Communists want?

To dominate your life from the cradle to the grave, in every detail.

Suppose I don’t want that?

They won’t ask your approval, if they ever get control.

Couldn’t we just strike, as we do now, for better conditions or higher pay?

Not a chance.

Why not?

Because the government, instead of protecting your right to strike, would send soldiers around with guns, to kill you.

Kill ME, personally?

To kill you, personally.

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