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Cynthia McKinney: beloved by the extremes

Adam Holland has another detailed and excellent post about former Congresswoman and 2008 Green party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney’s ongoing relationship with elements of the antisemitic far right.

McKinney, who is also admired by elements of the “anti-Zionist” left, recently appeared for a friendly interview with George Galloway on his Iranian regime-funded Press TV program.

In the interview McKinney:

–Calls her father “my political mentor.” Her father, Billy McKinney, famously blamed his daughter’s defeat in a 2002 primary election on the “J-E-W-S” who “bought everybody.”

–Says “I didn’t leave the Democratic party; the Democratic party left me.” Remarkably those are precisely the words used by another former Democrat, Ronald Reagan, when he became a Republican in 1962. I don’t mean to equate McKinney with Reagan, but if the Democratic party left both of them, it can’t be all bad.

–Suggests that the Massachusetts special Senate election in January, won by Republican Scott Brown, was stolen (not even Democrats are claiming that) and goes into a long rant about how voting machine manufacturers control 80 percent of the votes in the US.

Amazingly, though, McKinney manages to come across as marginally more thoughtful and rational than Galloway, who sadly tells how his great hopes for the Obama presidency have been crushed.

Hell, Mr. Galloway, I tried to tell you.

Finally, as if any more evidence was needed about the tendency of rightwing antisemitism and leftwing “anti-Zionism” to meet and greet, here’s a post promoting the Galloway-McKinney interview on a pro-Ron Paul website.