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BNP barrister resigns

This is a cross-post from Nothing British

Further to our story this morning regarding the legal profession’s shock at BNP barrister Robert Grierson, it has been confirmed that he has resigned from his chambers.

Head of St Philips Chambers, James Burbidge Q.C. said today:

“Robert Grierson has resigned from his position as a Door Tenant of St Philips Chambers from the 25th March 2010. He accepted that his candidacy in the forthcoming election was a distraction to the proper work and approach of St Philips Chambers, its members and its staff. As far as St Philips Chambers is aware Mr Grierson remains in practice as a barrister as a sole practitioner from his home address, which has in fact been the position since December 2008. It is reiterated that St Philips Chambers was not aware that Mr Grierson was a member of the BNP and further that any views Mr Grierson purports to hold or express in the forthcoming election must be taken to be his own personal views and not that of St Philips Chambers or any of its members. Apparently he joined the BNP in September 2009, a significant time after ceasing to be a member of chambers.”

Grierson is a million miles away from being a jack-booted thug, but, as we have previously written, the BNP continues to harbour racists, weirdos and extremists. It is a party mired in corruption, criminality and violence.

Nonetheless, his candidacy means that anti-racism campaigners will have to become more sophisticated in their fight against intolerance and the BNP.