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Islam Channel: Lawfare Thugs

These letters have been passed to us. Is it really possible to defame a convicted terrorist?


PO Box 60380


By Email, Post & Fax- +44 (0) 207 637 4944

23rd March 2010

Dear Sirs

Re: New Quilliam Report

We have today received information that you will be releasing a defamatory report about the Islam Channel
this week.

We have been informed that the report will contain information about our coverage not being balanced, including programmes, such as IslamiQa which you will suggest feature fundamentalist viewpoints.

This is not the first time that you have made unfounded claims about the Islam Channel and it seems like an ongoing campaign. We have already issued you with two pre-actions letters last week regarding your defamatory press releases and we await your response to these letters.

On a separate note, we are also aware of the wide electronic circulation of the following statement by a representative of Quilliam-

‘For how much longer will we turn a blind eye to the separatism, extremism, bias, sexism, sectarianism and attacks on mainstream Muslim practices by the ‘Islam Channel’? They are reprogramming British Muslims under our noses and we are silent. Their conduct needs addressing urgently.’

We put you on notice that if you publish any further defamatory information about the Islam Channel including you associating it with extremism, you will leave us no alternative but to issue proceedings against you.

Yours faithfully

Madeeha Dani
Legal Adviser


There’s more. Read on here in pdf format.