“A Brutal Assault On An OAP”?

In the thread below JohnG of the Socialist Workers Party says:

The GMP appear to have behaved in precisely the same manner as the Met did at the G8 protests. Thankfully no-one was killed this time. But the brutal assault on an old age pensioner and war veteran demonstrated the same lack of care and irresponsibility seen at the G8 demonstration. As with that case one expects that journalists will pick up on this in a about a weeks time. The assault on an OAP:

Can you see it?

It looks to me as if the guy wearing a red hat, and with a backpack on, who runs past the old fellow’s right hand side knocks him over, accidentally.

Is the idea that the man in the red hat is a police officer? He doesn’t seem to be dressed as one.

It isn’t entirely clear to me that JohnG is saying that the police assaulted this man. Perhaps he isn’t. Possibly, his complaint is limited to the failure of the police to notice that he had fallen, and to help him up again.

However, Manchester UAF are claiming that the police assaulted this man.

I think that is untrue.