Chaharshanbe Souri Report

This is a crosspost by Arash

Chaharshanbeh Souri was celebrated today in Iran, up and down the country, by Iranians of all different shades of skin colour, languages and religions, but all united by their common culture. This was the day that the Islamofascist clerics desperately didn’t want to see. The regime tried all manner of tactics to prevent the population coming out, fromplaying 11 movies back to back on TV, to police threats and transforming Tehran into a military garrison. It did not work.

Some choice clips of brave Iranians, resisting the terrorist Islamic Republic Regime:

Pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini being torched in Sa’adat Abad district of Tehran:

Protesters shouting “Death to Dictator” and clashing with security forces, in Boroujerd, Lorestan Province:

Protesters shouting “Death to Dictator” in Sadeghi Square, Tehran:

Protesters throwing copies of the Regime’s ultra-fascist Kayhan newspaper into the bonfire:

Firefighters attempt to put out a fire in a Basiji car which has been set alight by protesters:

Up and down the country, from east to west, the Islamic Regime was resisted by the people, note the protesters in Lorestan, Esfahan, Shiraz and so on. Are these the same North Tehran rich kids that George Galloway goes on about? :))) Is this also the same country which Flynt Leverett and CASMII declared “is in no way a society on the verge of fundamental political upheaval”? :))

The misguided propaganda of Islamic Republic apologists aside, we can see that this is yet another step towards freedom and the final overthrowing of the Islamic Republic. The bravery of the people of Iran will pay off.

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