Anti Fascism,  antisemitism

Return of the Window Smashers

The petty fascists at Indymedia are wet with excitement because some of their number have smashed up a few Tesco stores, apparently in the name of “anti-Capitalism”.

This is the new breed of authoritarian. Unlike earlier incarnations, they wear the symbols not of the far-right, but of the far-left.

They are utterly undemocratic. They cannot accept that people vote with their feet and their wallets. If the majority of people didn’t want a Tesco in their area, they simply wouldn’t shop there and the store would become unprofitable and close down. But frankly, people – normal everyday people – like having a convenient shop nearby with consistent quality and reasonable prices.

So, my message to them is this: What you are doing is forcing your distorted minority view on a community in the name of that community. You are not the community, you are vandals and thugs.

The victims of the attacks on Starbucks last year were not abstract corporate types in far-away global head-offices, they were the local staff, threatened and intimidated in their place of work by wannabe revolutionaries who chant slogans about workers’ rights but seem unable to appreciate what that means in the real world.

They say they want to smash ‘Capitalism’ and this means trashing supermarkets. How then do they expect an urban population to get its food and clothing? Perhaps they want us all to grow our own on allotments or work the land. That’s been tried before, and if tried here would mean that the “Garden of England” became the killing fields of Kent.

But that’s perhaps a small price to pay to get these misanthropes out of their squats and give them their day in the sun – prodding shopkeepers and teachers, students and bank clerks, from the rear, with their bayonets as they’re force-march us all to our new socialist agrarian utopia.


Oh, I’ve just noticed. One ‘activist’ has just let the facade of an ‘anti-Capitalism’ motive slip, announcing:

“The Tesco corporation funds and abets the deaply rascist and apartheid state of Israel. It sinks millions of pounds each year into financially backing Israels military with the express intention of aiding Israel to seize land it is already occupying illegally. The corporation Tesco is a central and highly valuable financier of the occupation and stands idly by while children and women are butchered with impunity. Without Tesco, the money needed to commit many of Israels war crimes would simply not be possible. “

So, for once I thought I had a story that didn’t involve Jew-hatred at its core. Oh well.