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Another Muslim upsets Pitt

A Muslim Imam has been denounced as being in league with the right-wing by a leading British socialist for opposing “a misogynistic apartheid in the house of God” and urging “good neighbourliness”.

Gee, that’s not really news, is it?

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch is upset with Taj Hargey,  Imam of the Summertown Islamic Congregation in Oxford, who opposes the building of an ultra-conservative Tablighi Jamaat mosque in Camberley.

Pitt has been very fond of describing ex-Muslims as Islamophobes. But it wasn’t enough. Soon he moved onto secular Muslims, and more recently observant liberal Muslims.

Now even Imams are “Islamophobic” when they stand up to Jamaat-aligned fundamentalists and the political Islamist movement.