Mobile Phone Charges in North Korea

This is a crosspost from A Rabbit’s Eye View of the Hyperborean North

This is one of the most obscene stories I have read for some time.  A North Korean factory worker known only as Chong was executed by firing-squad some time in January for possession of an unregistered mobile phone, which he was using to pass details of rice-crops with a defector now in South Korea.

Due to the ketamine-addled regieme’s preoccupation with autarky, forced collectivization during the mid 1990s resulted in the deaths of an estimated three millions Koreans during this “Arduous March”.

As the Daily Telegraph reported this month, North Korea remains heavily dependent on outside food-aid and remains a blank space on light-scapes of 21st Century life which bustles around all her borders:  and the threat of renewed starvation remains.

It was for this that Chong paid the ultimate tariff.  Let us hope his friend in South Korea is able to put his information to good use.

Stop the War Coalition, chaired by the Stalinist Andrew Murray, can be contacted on mobile phone.  In 2003, writing for the newsletter of the Communist Party of Britain, Murray pledged his Party’s support for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (as opposed to ordinary Koreans, such as those in Camp 22 at Haengyong which was being discussed at the same time).