The Goldie Lookin Chain of Preaching

This is a guest post by Mr Greene

Abdul Karim Hattin has recently shot to infamy, for which he has only himself to blame. If you will allow yourself to be recorded playing Spot The Fag you shouldn’t be too surprised if you end up starring in Dispatches’ latest bit of under-burka journalism.

Nor should you be too surprised if some sad individual then comes along and downloads the whole talk, of which only a brief extract appeared on Dispatches, and decides to share what they found with Harry’s Place and its constituents.

Here are the Youtube links for the whole talk (1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5). No doubt somebody will come along and get this pulled down soon. Don’t worry, all five are saved to the hard-drive of a good friend of mine (who happens to live in Yemen) so good luck trying to stop us putting it up over and over again.

Incidentally, at the beginning of the first of these videos, Abdul thanks Noor Productions for inviting him. If you’re unsure about what to get your mum for Mother’s Day (it’s coming up) why not get her a Noor Productions special, a cut-price box-set featuring Anwar “let’s blow shit up” al-Awlaki, Khalid “AIDS is a conspiracy” Yasin, Murtaza “filthy non-Muslim doctors” Khan, Yasir “most lying sect in Islam” Qadhi and Abdul Karim himself. What a combo!

Abdul delivered another talk on the same topic at London South Bank University’s Islamic Society. All three videos have, of course, been saved.

Here is some useful advice that Abdul Karim provides for his young audience (2:35 onwards).

Usama bin Zaid was fifteen years of age when he first fought in jihad. Fifteen years of age and he was wielding a sword not for the sake of killing those who oppose him merely because he didn’t like the look of them. Or because they looked at him the wrong way, they stepped on his trainers the wrong way, they was in the wrong area at the wrong time. He did it for the implementation of god’s law on the earth. Now this is something we should take in consideration, youth is not an excuse for ignorance.

So, youth is not an excuse for ignorance.

What, then, explains Abdul believing (5:30 onwards) that rappers are part of a massive conspiracy involving western countries’ intelligence services?

How many of these rappers are really controlled and are working for the CIA, the FBI, MI5, MI6? To do what? To create and control behaviour in society.

Keep listening to that video and, at 6:55, you’ll be left with a quotation from “this great brother here, Sayyid Qutb Shahid”. Yes, that’s Abdul praising the man who gave birth to modern jihadism. Not such a lovely chap.

Now you could be worried about Abdul’s slightly concerning views about jihad and jihadist ideologues like Qutb. Particularly given that, 3 minutes and 45 seconds into this video he reveals that he’s been doing work in prisons in London. But it’s difficult to take him as anything more than a sad, paranoid overgrown teenager.

After ranting about the dangers of pornography (watch out, you’ll get addicted and suddenly find yourself on the Tube acting out scenes from “Soapy Housewives Get Dirty 7”) he moves onto “the religious aspects of rap” (7:50 onwards). Apparently Jay-Z has a “god complex”, makes Masonic symbols and wants to be the Egyptian god of chaos, Set. “But there’s more!” And Abdul goes into a potted history of Egyptian theology. Yes, rap is part of a Masonic conspiracy involving the Egyptian sun god and the CIA. How did this all pass us by? It’s so obvious now you tell us.

Oh, I see. It’s because we’re actually living in the Matrix. We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes for years by this Zio-rap-sun-god-mason-conspiracy. Damn them.

Abdul really does see himself as Laurence Fishburne guiding Keanu Reeves out of the Matrix. Just have a brief look at the start of part two:

Abdul, time to put down your Matrix DVD and prise yourself from the sofa. You’re not Laurence Fishburne. You’re the Goldie Lookin Chain of preaching and, for everybody’s sanity, please stop.