Galloway,  Iran

“Galloway Begged the Police to Detain Us”

This is a crosspost by Potkin

I was informed by my friend, Peyvand Khorsandi [Shappi Khorsandi’s brother] about a Stop the War meeting in the House of Commons tonight where Galloway was speaking. We decided to go along and meet this stooge of dictators face to face.

While queuing to go through the security, we told the policeman who was directing the people to different queues that we were going to Committee Room 19. Two of the Stop the War enthusiasts heard us and cheerily said to us:

‘Oh we are going to the same meeting as well. Are you Palestinians?’

To which we replied

‘We like Palestinians but we are Iranians’.

The two women got even more excited and replied

‘Oh we also support Iran against the West!’.

They must have thought all Iranians support the regime in Iran. When I replied

‘So why don’t you go and live in Iran and allow two Iranian women to come here in your place and enjoy the same privileges you enjoy in the West’

…their initial enthusiasm was quickly turned into a shock. What a disappointment for them to find out we were not in the same ilk as them.

I asked them if they liked Galloway who used to be best pals with Saddam Hussein and his murderous son, Uday Hussein. They shook their heads and refused to believe that Galloway ever had anything to do with Saddam. I asked them if they would like to give me their emails so I could send them the video links of Galloway calling Uday ‘Your excellency’ and telling him ‘That he is with them to the end’. The two Stop the War devotees however were not what you would call open minded people, more like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand who did not want to know the truth or discuss alternative opinions. They even said ‘We are going to tell ‘them’ to stop you from coming to the meeting’ and moved ahead of the queue away from us.

So much for open debate and free discussion with these ‘useful idiots’.

As we entered the committee room, no one tried to stop us but the stares and the whispers indicated that many were uncomfortable about our presence. I quickly scanned the room, full of ‘useful idiots’,  [ex] SWP’s John Rees and Lindsay German were there in the back, but I had managed to get a seat right next to Galloway himself. I was told to move because that chair was reserved for another speaker. Well that was the closest I got to the Supreme Leader I thought and happily obliged to move one chair away.

Press TV presenter and Respect MP, Galloway started the meeting and it wasn’t long before he went on about UK police brutality during the Gaza protests in London! My plan was genuinely to wait for question time and say

‘You had a moustache when you worked for Saddam, now you work for the Supreme Leader and wear a beard, but however you window dress yourself, you are nothing but a fraud, you can not liberate the people of Palestine by serving brutal dictators’

…but to be honest given that all of Galloway’s pets were there, neither did I think I would be given a chance to ask a question nor did I want to sit through two hours of this bullshit. So I shouted

‘How can you go on about police brutality in this country when you work for a regime whose police beat up, kill and rape peaceful protesters?’.

That was it. Peyvand started backing me up as well by asking him how he can go on about police brutality in UK but remain silent about all the crimes that are going in Iran?

And guess what? The same Galloway who was going on about UK police brutality had to ask the police not only to remove us from the room but he also insisted they detain us in the House of Commons police room until their meeting was over and they had left the building. You can’t write a better script than that, can you? what a  hypocrite Galloway and Stop the War mob are! The same brutal ‘Fascist’ police they were referring to had to help them to hold their meeting.

These pictures were taken before Galloway called the police:

Payvand and I being taken away from the meting with the help of the same ‘brutal police’ Galloway was referring to:

By contrast, here are the Islamic Republic’s police dragging students out of their dormitories and beating them senseless before they pile their lifeless bodies on top of each other:


Here is a video of our confrontation with George Galloway: