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Suicide Watch

More depressing news this morning about a slowly globalising death cult.

A series of suicide blasts in central Kabul today killed at least 17 people and injured more than 30.

A car bomb exploded on the edge of a large park just after 6.30am, destroying a single storey guesthouse popular with Indian contractors.

Eyewitnesses said the streets were deserted as most people were still asleep on the start of the Afghan weekend, which is also part of a religious holiday.

Moments later witnesses said there was a second explosion followed by gunfire. Police and elite counter terrorism troops fought for more than three hours as rescuers continued to heave bodies out of four wrecked buildings.

I think the point has been reached where there is nothing left to say. There really is no grievance these lunatics have that can be reasonably addressed. There is nothing sensible we can say or do to make them stop. Perhaps the reality of the 21st century is that we have to adjust to sharing the planet with these psychotic maniacs.