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Jeremy Corbyn: MP for Rioters

After the boohooing of Daud Abdullah’s Middle East Monitor and Seamus Milne about violent people being sent down, it’s Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn’s turn to stand up for rioters.

He will do so next week along with George Galloway, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, stopper Andrew Murray, and the British Muslim Initiative, which is headed by fugitive Hamas commander Mohammed Sawalha.

One of the meeting supporters is the CND. Wow, I didn’t know the Met had nuclear weapons.

Next Tuesday March 2nd, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm, Committee room 19, House of Commons (St Stephens entrance, allow plenty of time to get through security).
Confirmed speakers include:
Jeremy Corbyn MP; George Galloway MP; Ben Soffa, PSC; Andrew Murray, Stop the War; British Muslim Initiative and others.
Organised by Stop the War, PSC, BMI and supported by CND and Friends of Al-Aqsa

This is the behaviour Islamists and their supporters like Corbyn and Milne are defending, excusing and attempting to turn into some kind of cause, rather than the black mark on last winter’s Gaza demos that it is:

Things were pretty peaceful for the whole length of the Bayswater Road and although very emotive, there was quite a bit of banter between the Police officers and the demonstrators and things stayed that way despite the massive numbers until the head of the march got to the North Gate of Kensington Gardens. Inside were a couple of PSU’s on the other side of the gate, and as we passed there was nothing more than a bit of shoe throwing and jeering. We carried on down towards the front entrance to the Embassy and our end stayed pretty much the same. All of a sudden we heard calls from one of our other serials that dozens of people tried to break through the gates to get to the embassy and were climbing the fencing, throwing anything to hand, throwing burning flags at the gate and that they needed more units to help out. Within seconds we heard the call that no police officer wants to hear “more units now, urgent assistance, we’re under attack, officer down”

What had started as a several dozen turned into a hundred or so and the officers were being attacked with missiles including glass bottles, balloons filled with paint, scaffolding clips and metal poles, and a couple had been dragged into the crowd and were beaten to the floor. One officer was knocked unconscious by a scaffolding pole, two received really bad facial injuries and the other officers (male and female) were kicked and punched repeatedly until a couple of PSU’s managed to get to them. At the time we were not allowed to wear our protective helmets and were still marching towards the Embassy.

We got back to our posts near the front of the march to be told that a couple of shops opposite the embassy had been attacked and ransacked and that protestors had been seen stealing bottles and knives which were distributed through the crowd and subsequently thrown at the officers at the front gate. We were then informed by a serial at the gate that they had had several bottles of accelerant thrown at them which failed to ignite. At that point PSU’s were brought in to contain the crowd which did effectively block them in, the hope being that they would dissipate out the other end. The confrontation became even more violent, demonstrators destroyed the fencing that was keeping the pavements clear for the shops and emergency evac units, and some of the fencing was used as a barricade to stop the Police PSU’s from getting into the crowd to arrest people, specifically those from last weeks demo who had been recognised by the intelligence teams.

The meeting for rioters is on Tuesday. On Monday Corbyn will host the Hamasniks of the Palestinian Return Centre in Westminster. One of the organisers of that meeting is Sameh Habeeb, the hate publisher who runs the Palestine Telegraph.

This promotion of extremists has been going on for ages.

Here is Corbyn last spring, sharing a Friends House platform with Djab Abou Jahjah, a Jew hater and would-be pogrom starter who has since been banned from Britain (Corbyn protested), and a Hezbollah MP. His “friends”, he said, are Hezbollah and Hamas.

“The idea that an organisation that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people, and bringing about long term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region, should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government, is really a big, big historical mistake”

Why is Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party?

Why doesn’t he just slope off to Galloway’s “Respect”?