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Drama queen

Concluding a Daily Record column dealing with Israel’s role in the assassination of “Palestinian official” (aka murderous Hamas operative) Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, George Galloway writes:

There can be no more crawling to the Israel lobby who mobilise thousands of sycophants to complain every time people like me write or broadcast items like this, hoping to intimidate editors and proprietors into putting a lid on criticism of Israel.

It usually works. It frightened the BBC into the scandal of the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal that never was during the recent Gaza War and it has circumscribed my work on both Talksport and even Press TV during the last year. The Record’s editor is still busy, months after an article I wrote here, dealing with complaints from “outraged Record readers”, er, Israel.

Some people say they’ll kill me. Maybe so; but if they do my son will pick up my banner.

If they kill my son, my daughter will pick up the banner.

If they kill her, others will pick up the banner of justice for the Palestinians.

Israel cannot kill its way out of this pickle. Only an acknowledgement of its involvement in crimes against Palestine will begin to do that.

Now the only way I can interpret this is that Mr. Galloway actually believes he may be a future target of a Mossad hit squad. And given his gargantuan ego, he probably thinks he is enough of a threat to Israel to warrant a “hit.”

To which I can only say: Mr. Galloway, don’t flatter yourself. I may or may not be one of the Mossad’s 500,000-1,000,000 Jewish assassination enablers (I prefer to leave that ambiguous), but I’m pretty sure you’re not one of their potential targets. In fact– since your silly ranting and posturing and play-acting has rendered you such a ridiculous figure to all but a fringe– I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mossad considers you more of an asset than a threat.

So relax; just keep doing what you’re doing and you won’t have a thing to worry about.

(Hat tip: Alec)