This is What Happens in Iran’s Universities

This is a crosspost by Potkin

The video below shows the savage attack on Tehran university, three days after the disputed elections back in June 2009. This time the video is not taken by Iran’s brave citizen journalists but by the repressive forces who attacked the university themselves. It has finally been smuggled out of Iran eight months later. The attack is carried out by the robot like Special Units and the Baseej. At times during the video, the barbarity shown by the Special Units is so much that even the Baseej plead with them to stop beating up the students. The video shows Special Units drag students like dead meat out of the dormitories and the library, pile them on top of each other and beat them further.


The people who orchestrated these atrocities are the very people that the likes of SOAS lecturer, Dr. Anna Contadini, accept rewards from. It is this regime that orders such attacks on Iran’s students and time and time again uses the British universities as its propaganda platform. The monsters who ordered this vicious attack are the people who host banquets in the Millennium Hotel and bribe British Iranian traitors like Parivash Fatemi and Dr. Maziar Eskandaris….

The uncut version. Our students, the best minds of our country, our assets being treated worse than cattle by these Neanderthals. Eternal shame on the supporters of this regime.

I remember when a British woman protester was killed after she threw herself under a lorry trying to save cattle being transported to France inhumanely.

Well here are human beings treated worse.

Will you now stand up to this tyranny in Iran?

habibi adds: hmm, who could help? Ah, there is a British group called “Unite Against Fascism”. That sounds promising.



At the end of the march as we entered Pall Mall for the rally we were warmly greeted by a crowd of anti-fascist activists from “Unite Against Fascism” (UAF) and the Socialist Workers Party who had come to give us support against the fascists, we were truley moved! We recognised many of the faces as ardent supporters of Palestine from previous demonstrations.

That’s from last year’s Al Quds Day Israel hatred march, which is organised by the Khomeinist thugs and racists of the “Islamic Human Rights Commission”.