Ban the Burkha!

Covering your face up is un-British. It is intimidatory. It has no place in our society.

What sort of person would make political demands, while clothed head to foot in black?


As Richard Bartholomew notes:

The speaker is standing in front of an upside-down Union Flag, which perhaps is a deliberate sign of distress; why the Indian flag to his left is also upside down is less apparent.


There is also a cross of St George flag, bearing the Sikh Khanda symbol, and the Loyalist legend: “No Surrender”, and a Jamaican flag. One of the posters says “Patriotism is not racism” (correct). It then goes on to claim that “Denying your race is treason” (WTF?!).

The EDL is a clueless organisation. If its members are serious about fighting inter-communal hatred, they should call an end to their provocative and fear-inspiring public marches past places of worship.

Instead, they might put their energies into organising non-sectarian five aside football tournaments, or something like that. Given their love of soccer, I expect they’d do that rather well.

They’d also be less likely to be investigated, arrested and searched if they put their energies into something constructive.