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Strong in the Arm and Thick in the Head

The International Committee of the Scottish Socialist Party reports the news that Scotland’s legal autonomy is at an inglorious end after more than a thousand years of existence. A self-governing system of law jealously guarded after the 1707 Act of Union with England – then one of the most politically and commercially potent countries in Europe – has been brought low by a country even more perfidious than Eighteenth Century Albion.

The SSP explain that Scots prosecutors are taking direct orders from foreigners. But which nation in the world today has both the global reach and the dastardliness to carry out such an assault on our legal system?

You’ve guessed it: it’s the amazingly-powered but ultimately untrustworthy Jewish state. Apparently that little nation is entitled to direct how prosecutions in Scotland are carried out nowadays. Here’s the SSP on who really pulls the strings in the Procurator Fiscal’s office as it comments on the charges laid against the five yahoos who disrupted a performance of the Jerusalem String Quartet in August 2008:

Initially the five protestors faced the relatively mild charge of ‘breach of the peace’. However, a few days before the trial, last March, and without any explanation, the charge was changed, at the instigation of the Crown, to ‘racially aggravated breach of the peace’

This highlights the ridiculousness of the ‘racially aggravated’ charge, made at the behest of Israel…

How depressing that the Scottish Socialist Party have so enthusiastically jettisoned real internationalism and signed up to that most miserable expression of political bankruptcy – the age-old but sadly still with us socialism of fools.