Islamism,  The Left

Max Dunbar on Begg/Sahgal/Newman

Because Andy Newman is active in Respect, a coalition between George Galloway’s ego and some very nasty fascists associated with Jamaat-e-Islami he now needs to justify theocratic politics.

But Max Dunbar has his number:

‘What we cannot do as atheists is assume that the evolution of moral and ethical viewpoints within our own society can be regarded as a superior standard that other people must comply with.’

Yes we can. We can and we will.

If you propagate the view that society should be run by priests, that a holy text should take precedence over democratic laws, that non-religious books should be censored or burned, that women should have little freedom and one or two limited uses, that people should be killed for having the wrong kind of sexuality or the wrong kind of nationality or for being the wrong kind of Muslim, if you argue for slaughter over compassion and death over life, then we will challenge you all the way and we will win.

Call me a ’secular fundamentalist’ or whatever – I don’t care. Watch out, gentlemen, because as Hitchens said, there are many more of us and we are both smarter and nicer.

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