Pique Performance

Following Lindsey German’s fifteen minutes of fame last week, Socialist Unity brings us news of further resignations from Britain’s smallest mass party. A letter signed by forty-two individuals has been sent to the SWP Central Committee informing it of the situation

Of course Harry’s Place takes no pleasure at the slow implosion of a long-standing political party, even one which has recently allied with clerical fascists, but readers are invited to cover up their tears with a spot of light-hearted fun.

Okay: in the list of signatories below I’ve inserted a name entirely of my own imagination. Have a look and see if you can guess which one it might be.


Henry Parkyn-Smith

Reid Dudley-Smith

Camille Fairbairn

Elaine Graham-Leigh

Samantha Carwenne Oxby

Wayne Lee

I’m afraid there won’t be any prizes for those who guess correctly which name obviously doesn’t belong in the Socialist Workers Party.

Fucking Angry Actually

David T adds:

I see that James “Meaders” Medway and Chris “June Brides” Nineham are among those who have resigned.