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The Guardian Picks Its Heroes

The Guardian appears rather fond of the failed jihadist, Moazzam Begg.

Although a storm has been raging for two weeks now about the criticism of his partnership, and that of his organisation Cageprisoners, with Amnesty, the Guardian newspaper hasn’t reported on it.  Perhaps they couldn’t find the space.

Strangely, they did manage to find a slot for Begg to talk, once again, about his own detention in Guantanamo. As it is a first person piece, unfortunately no journalist asks him any of the really interesting questions. Such as “how come you were allowed to build a girls’ school just at the time that the Taliban was shutting them down and chucking aid workers out of Afghanistan”.

In fact, Begg is a very prolific contributor to the Guardian’s Comment is Free. They evidently really like him.

Here’s somebody else the Guardian really liked – the convict copper Ali Disaei. Here’s his CiF piece, in which the crook complains about racism.

Indeed, they even got an exclusive interview with the Guardian, in which he blubbed about the unfairness of having to go to prison:

Dizaei said if he had been acquitted he would have returned to work and dismissed the case against him, saying this trial had proved more of a strain than his first, in 2003: “This is worse. It is purely a personal vendetta by the IPCC and CPS. The IPCC did not like the challenge I and the NBPA made to the way it dealt with our members. The CPS could never take the egg off their faces after the last time.”

They really do pick’em don’t they!