Gordon MacMillan,  UK Politics

I’ve never voted Tory because…

The Tories can not stop shooting themselves in foot. The Mydavidcameron.com website “airbrushed for change” is back again with more online spoofs as the Tories launch their latest marketing campaign, which attempts to portray voters who are switching allegiance.

It was a classic gift to bloggers and Labour supporters online. The posters use the tagline “I’ve never voted Tory before…”, which has quickly been changed to “I’ve never voted Tory before because…”. Oh where do you begin.

It’s the second own goal in a row for the Tory marketing team who have already removed David Cameron’s image from billboard posters. That happened after he was outted for having his image airbrushed in its previous campaign that opened the party up to ridicule. It allowed Clifford Singer at Mydavidcameron.com to come up with “airbrushed for change” which has been endlessly entertaining. The airbrushing motif also tied in nicely with several stories that emerged since that campaign that saw the Tories accused of airbrushing crime and teen pregnancy figures.

It’s interesting to  note that while Cameron’s airbrushed Tories might be winning in polls in the south they have failed to make inroads in the North.

Where do you begin? So many reasons. I’ve never voted Tory before because it is the party that has always stood in the way of creating a fair society/because it seeks only to benefit wealthiest/because they seek to destroy the trade union movement/because…

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