Now They’re Cloning Martin Bright!

Martin himself has the disturbing news:

I first became aware of another Martin Bright with an interest in radical Islam a couple of years ago when a neighbour commented on remarks I had supposedly made on Any Answers. “Bit strong”, he said. As I hadn’t called the programme, I just thought he was being a bit weird. Then he mentioned another appearance a few weeks later and I twigged I had a doppelganger.

This was very unsetting for a while, but then the other Martin Bright went away.

Now he has turned up again, commenting regularly on The Times website. I first found out when I received a call from an old friend and colleague working on the comment desk at the newspaper. He was a little shocked that I had started posting rather aggressive messages on the site.

This has happened to us all, from time to time.

Sometimes it results in a police investigation!