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Defending Jenny

“The way Israel behaves is just not kosher. Jewish people should be totally ashamed of themselves that they are not doing more to stop them. It’s absolutely disgusting.” She claimed that the reason behind the weekend’s shootings in the West Bank was to “make provocations so Israel will have an excuse to go in again” and said that last month’s Channel 4 Dispatches programme on the “Israel lobby” may be the reason why Gordon Brown “isn’t doing something”.

– Jenny Tonge in December 2009 at a Gaza demo also attended by MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Martin Linton, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the Green Party, Neturei Karta and other courageous people.


As the Zionist darkness descends around Jenny Tonge, she can be thankful that there are still a few flickering points of light.

Here is Linda Jack, Liberal Democrat PPC for mid Beds:

Frankly, in my view, Nick has totally over reacted, which is disappointing given his unblemished and brave record of standing up to the Israeli lobby. He says – I quote from the BBC article – “The comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative and I recognise the deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community,” Nick thus plays into the hands of the Zionists – if Jenny caused distress it was surely to the Israeli community? The British are being accused of colluding with torture, do we worry about that causing distress to the Christian community?

Jenny has not accepted the allegations, she has merely suggested they should be investigated. Of course they are outrageous allegations, but so was the suggestion that this country may have colluded with torturers. Of course it is beyond belief that human beings, sent to help a country in distress would do such a thing, but human beings do do terrible things to each other, be they Israeli, American, Iraqi or British, particularly when they have been able to dehumanize those they hurt. Now, of course, I am not suggesting I believe these allegations, just challenging the idea that we assume some people are automatically beyond reproach. If such allegations had been made against Iranian forces for example, would that have evoked the same reaction?

In all of this the danger is that we lose sight of the very real outrage that the world sits silently by and allows the Israeli state to behave with impunity in violating not just the human rights of the Palestinians but of its own citizens.

Jenny has been a brave and courageous voice challenging this. I know her to be a woman of huge integrity and compassion – she speaks out of the agony of witnessing what is happening virtually unchallenged in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel itself.

On the Liberal Democrat Voice blog, commenter Deborah Fink is not fooled by the crafty Zionists:

Jenny should be re-instated immediately. She did not make the allegation of organ trafficking. Others did, and she was simply asked for a comment by the Jewish Chronicle. What was she supposed to say? This seems to be a set-up. The JC created a trap for her.

In an email to me, Jenny said: ‘Palestine Telegraph last week had a long piece by a Jewish American on the
subject of organ donation–not an editorial piece. It said said there were postings on U Tube about organ harvesting in Haiti by the large team sent out by Israel to help! JC asked for a comment, as I am a patron of the Palestine Telegraph. I actually congratulated Israel for their prompt response to the disaster and said that if allegations were being made they should conduct an inquiry to dispel any rumours. It is quite ludicrous –organs would be useless in that situation anyway and it is a nonsense suggestion.’

I am Jewish and can say that the JC does not represent all the Jewish community and has increasingly become the mouthpiece of the Israeli govnerment. It has had an ongoing smear campaign against Jenny Tonge as she speaks the truth about Israel-Palestine. (Unlike her critics, she has been to Gaza several times). I am sorry that once again, the Lib Dem leadership has succumbed to pressure from Zionist bullies.

Deborah Fink being abused by fascists

Nor is commenter Stuart Littlewood:

Bad move by Clegg. British voters are wising up to what Zionist Israel is all about. Those who follow the Palestine-Israel conflict closely (as opposed to blindly swallowing Tel Aviv propaganda) must be sickened by the Israeli regime’s lawlessness and cruelty, as Jenny Tonge is, and reject this continual appeasing of the “Jewish community”, many of whom are severely critical of Israel themselves.

Read the “mission statement” of the LibDem Friends of Israel and shudder….. If Clegg wants a purge he should start with them.

Littlewood works for a website called “redress”, where you will find the troof the Zionists try to suppress. Gilad Atzmon is a star contributor. He describes himself as an “ex Jew”, lauds the antisemitic hoax “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” for its “prophetic qualities and its capacity to describe both the century unfolding and the political reality in which we live”, and denies the Holocaust.

It is to be hoped that Jenny Tonge will rediscover her bravery after this humiliating act of contrition before the “Zionist bullies”, not least because there is so much more to investigate.

Flight 253, for example, as noted by Peter Eyre, a prolific columnist for the Palestine Telegraph, where Tonge is a patron alongside Lauren Booth. The founder and publisher of the Palestine Telegraph is Sameh Habeeb, another fan of Atzmon and blood libels. Habeeb also organises conferences for the pro-Hamas Palestinian Return Centre.

This, Eyre says, is what happened to Flight 253:

We see almost daily articles now about Yemen and that famous duo of Obama and Clinton continuously applying pressure on the government to take control of this fictitious Al Qaeda threat.

The Detroit incident was a Mossad/CIA/RAW trick to attempt to cause panic both in the US and UK and it clearly did the trick. The greatest threat in Yemen is the existence of US Special Forces, Mossad and CIA operatives who only wish to destabilise the country as they have done successfully in Pakistan, Somalia, India and now Yemen.

To underline just how serious Eyre’s point is, this illustration has been added to his article:


Yet Flight 253 is the least of it. Were the US or Israel to attack Iran, Eyre says this is what will happen:

What is ironic here is that Israel has already nuked its own population, land, crops and water supply when it attacked Lebanon in 2006 and again Gaza in 2008/9…….in actual fact this self inflicted contamination goes back even further to the Yom Kippur War in October 1973 when the US first introduced the depleted uranium weapons to Israel against the Egyptians. One finds it so hard to understand why Israel would aid the killing of its own troops and people by using such highly toxic weapons in the vicinity of Israel.

The world must never allow this insanity by the US and Israel and must fully understand the implications if this attack goes ahead. The spreading of the radioactive nanoparticles will cause a massive rise in many forms of cancers; a big hike in diabetes, the contamination will directly attack the human DNA resulting in a total breakdown in our genetic code.

Which Liberal Democrats will be brave enough to demand an inquiry into the false flag op over Detroit and the US-Israeli genocide by way of DU ammunition?

Our whole genetic code is at stake!