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Does This Jog Your Memory Comrade?

A Socialist Workers Party website has demonstrated its relief that the Islamic Republic of Iran has survived the challenge of recent street demonstrations with an article entitled: ‘Iran: The Islamic Revolution Defeats Western Hopes for Regime Change’

It’s difficult to understand anyone nominally left-wing would share that emotion, but its a strange world we live in these days. They’ve even found an Iranian socialist to say something unpleasant about the green-clad demonstrators protesting against the lack of democracy:

For the social and political character of the Green Wave, consult Iran’s Last Marxist Nasser Zarafshan: Setareh Derakhshesh, “Interview with Dr. Nasser Zarafshan and Farrokh Negahdar”

Iran’s last Marxist eh? When I was at university in the 1980s there were literally thousands of Iranian Marxists in the UK and millions more back home. I wonder what happened to them all.

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