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BNP “victims” join student freedom of speech rally

This is a cross post by Nothing British about the BNP

BNP members Adam Walker, Pete Molloy, Mark Walker and an unidentified man protesting with students

The row following the NUS’s botched opposition to the proposed British National Party debate at Durham University (and the spineless response from police) raises serious questions about this sort of “no platform” activism. These photos tell their own story.

  • Four BNP activists (including Adam and Mark Walker, and Pete Malloy) pose as “victims” alongside Durham students.
  • Instead of fighting fascism, the NUS has to issue a humbling apology.
  • Facebook group with thousands of supporters in favour of the challenge to theBNP.
  • Andrew Brons and Chris Beverley, who are not good debaters, have escaped an embarrassing show-down.
  • BNP policies, which NB have shown are ludicrous, are not being challenged.

No one thinks that the BNP should not be given uncontested platforms to espouse their hate. But they should be challenged. This can only happen if opponents of extremism and segregation are given a chance to debate the BNP in contested environments.

Adam Walker at Durham