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Dizaei Rascal

Remember when fugitive Hamas commander Mohammed Sawalha tried to sue Harry’s Place? We saw him off in short order.

Then his expensive but hapless lawyer got into a spot of bother too.

And now one of that silly solicitor’s other infamous clients is in trouble with the law, despite being in a position to know better.

Commander Ali Dizaei, a leading anti-racism activist and former president of the National Black Police Association, was convicted by a jury of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice after less than three hours deliberation.

Dizaei, 47, went on trial a month ago at Southwark Crown Court accused of abusing his position to arrest a young web designer with whom he had argued over payment for building his personal website. After arresting Waad al-Baghdadi, 23, Dizaei had then fabricated a series of allegations against him and inflicted an injury on himself to back up a claim that the young man had “stabbed” him with the mouthpiece of shisha pipe. Peter Wright, QC, for the prosecution, said that the allegations against Dizaei amounted to “the wholesale abuse of power by a senior police officer for entirely personal and oblique motives”.

What a hopeless shower of quarter-wits.