Pakistan,  Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch

The BBC reports that at least 8 people have died today in the latest of a series of suicide and roadside bomb attacks on Shia pilgrims in Iraq. Some are saying the death toll from this attack is as high as twenty.

I have often said that I consider suicide bombers part of a death cult because the aims are even more nebulous than the motivations.  What can confirm this feeling more than this shocking and chilling story from the BBC?

Not a family of acrobats, classical musicians, or etymologists, no, this family have all been groomed as suicide bombers. But a 13 year old girl, unwilling, fled, despite her brother being a local Taliban commander in Pakistan responsible for training suicide bombers.

The BBC says the girl’s story exposes the plight of young children in Pakistan forced to act as suicide bombers.

What a fucked up world.

But I fear that there is a limit to how shocked, appalled, outraged and furious people can be. Children forced to work… Children forced into slavery… Children dying of hunger…. Children drafted into militias to become child-soldiers….

And now children trained to blow themselves up.

What’s the fuck is left to say. Seriously? Jesus. What sickness afflicting humanity surpasses this?