Paesi che vai, usanze che trovi

I must be getting old. It’s said this video exemplifies Britain’s increasingly illiberal policing tactics and is yet another example of unjustified invocation of Section 44. Yet when I watch it, I see a cocky student getting more or less what she asked for*.

I’m also assuming that the editing has been performed with the intention of portraying the police in the worst possible light. What was happening during the shots we don’t see may provide some context for language and events immediately preceding and following.

*(There is no video of her eventual arrest when it is claimed excessive force was used which, if it was, is obviously wrong.)

FWIW, a family friend who is also a PCSO agrees the student is being needlessly obtuse, but thinks a PND was over top. The visit to the station should have been sufficient. Oh, and whether or not this PCSO will be censured for his display in this video is one thing, but the fact he’s chweing gum on duty could get him the sack, apparently.