Harry’s Place Question and Answer Session with Darius Mazdak from Iran

For one day only!

Darius (for obvious reasons, a pseudonym) is an Iranian citizen born and bred in Iran. He lives in Tehran, a city he loves in a country that he loves. There is one issue: he, like many others in Iran, is opposed to the regime in control of his country.

Darius is very concerned about the opinions that citizens of the world have about Iran and Iranians. He has therefore kindly agreed to donate time today to answering questions from Harry’s  Place readers.

This is therefore an opportunity for readers of this post to pose questions in the comments section to Darius, a man on the ground in Tehran. These questions can be on Iran, the Iranian government, the Iranian opposition, life in Iran, the way that Iranians view the West and so on and so forth. Darius will do his best to answer as many questions as he can throughout the course of the day.

This activity is dangerous for Darius. As such he will not be posting the answers directly but they will come to us at Harry’s Place via a special email and we shall post his responses in the comments section under his name but unedited.

Please post any questions below.


Darius is doing this voluntarily and this activity by him comes with risks. We at Harry’s Place are very pleased that he has agreed to donate his time in such a way. You may not agree with his answers but please be polite. Abusive posts will be deleted.