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Blunkett calls on BNP to disown party supporter’s attack on Queen

This is a crosspost from Nothing British

Rt. Hon. David Blunkett MP has called on the British National Party and Mark Collett, its General Election candidate in Sheffield Brightside, to distance themselves from foul-mouthed remarks aimed at the Queen made by a BNP blogger and supporter.

Yesterday, Nothing British exposed the BNP-supporting Green Arrow blog, run by Paul Morris, for calling Her Majesty a “liar and traitor to her own people” and called for “treason” and “sedition”.

Mr Blunkett told NB:

“Having maligned Winston Churchill and lauded Hitler to the rooftops, the BNP have now stooped to obscenities aimed at the Queen. They have managed in one hit to disavow the head of state and display a total lack of patriotism.”

The former Home Secretary’s comments come after NB contacted the BNP’s official press office asking them to condemn the remarks. Rather than do so, the BNP’s press officer called us “low-lifes” and “unpatriotic”. We gave the BNP two other chances later that afternoon to distance themselves by emailing them and Nick Griffin MEP, via his European Parliamentary email. We have received no reply from either.

Mr Blunkett then gave a direct challenge to Collett – who once called Sir Winston Churchill a “f****** c***” – to distance himself from the Green Arrow. Mr Blunkett said: “Given his own unbelievable views, I wonder whether Mark Collett might wish to make it clear as to whether he agrees with his BNP colleague?”

The BNP claims it is patriotic, but their refusal to offer a rapid condemnation of the GA’s remarks about some who has loyally served this country all her life is a disgrace.

The BNP have refused to distance themselves from the GA’s remarks


Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has just contacted Nothing British to add his thoughts on the BNP’s refusal to condemn the GA’s unpatriotic and disgraceful remarks about the Queen:

“I am absolutely appalled at the despicable language used by the cowardly author of the Green Arrow blog.  Her Majesty The Queen has spent every day of her reign serving our nation and I am frankly sickened that someone could speak in such an offensive manner about our Head of State.

Her Majesty is treasured by the people of the United Kingdom, throughout the Commonwealth and the entire world.   This revolting tirade against our Monarch strikes me as being nothing short of treason itself.  It is perfectly clear to me that there is nothing British about the B.N.P.  Attacking The Queen herself in this way proves that!

The B.N.P.’s refusal to condemn these remarks clearly show how out of touch they are with the people of this country.”