A Visit From Mira Hammad, Chair of LSE Palestine Society

While discussing Reza Pankhurst, the Hizb ut Tahrir activist currently poisoning minds at the LSE we received a visit from a number of LSE commenters.

The first contributor – Roger Kreutz – pretended not to know anything about Hizb ut Tahrir. When provided with a copy of the Hizb ut Tahrir constitution, he responded with a sarcastic “Scary stuff”!!!!” I suggested that he wouldn’t so readily defend a White Power political party, and told him to fuck off.

He was then followed by another LSE commenter: a woman called “Maria”.  Here is her contribution:

Erm… yeah, I don’t go to the LSE but it seems to me that the only point you are making against some legitimate criticism is “fuck off.”

I think that this comment just about sums up your attitudes.

[Comment by Stanislaw:] “It’s not a multicultural institution and nor should it be. It’s a British university funded by the money of British taxpayers.”

If anybody commenting was a member of a White Power political party, I would be very surprised if that person was Roger and less surprised if it was you.

Unfortunately, the claim that “Maria” doesn’t go to the LSE was a lie. “Maria” left her email address, and from that it is clear that she is Mira Hammad.

Who is Mira Hammad?

Google tells us that she is involved with the LSE Islamic Society

• LSESU Islamic Society charity week, 19-23 October
A week of fundraising for orphans around the world, in collaboration with Islamic Relief. Islamic art calligraphy t-shirts will be sold on Houghton Street on Monday and Friday, which you can have personalised by requesting your name in Arabic. There will also be a mouth-watering global lunch on offer on Thursday.
For more information, or if you want to get involved, please email Mira at ****

She is also chair of the Palestine Society. Here she is, in the pages of Socialist Worker, defending the fascist Reza Pankhurst, by making phoney claims of racism:

Mira Hammad, chair of LSE’s Palestine Society, said, “It is a reflection of how Islamophobia has become an acceptable racism that we are even obliged to discuss this.”

Here she is trying to disrupt a meeting with the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, and being told to “fuck off” – this time, not by me but by a prominent Professor of International Relations:

One protestor, Mira Hammad, was subjected to intimidating and aggressive comments by a senior lecturer present at the lecture.

In a letter to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Jan Stockdale, Mira said: “I was sitting in the row behind Janet Hartley, George Gaskell and Professor Chris Brown who, after I had interrupted saying that I did not wish to listen to a racist, told me to “fuck off””

“At the time, I did not know who he was and was shocked when I was told afterwards by three witnesses that the man who had addressed me in such an aggressive manner was indeed one of the most senior academics at the LSE.”

In reponse, Professor Brown said: “I did indeed attend the lecture and was distressed at the outbursts by some of the students. I regret if my response was distressing in turn.”

She was also active in the twinning of the LSE with the Hamas controlled Islamic University of Gaza.

Here she is, speaking on a platform with George Galloway and Lindsey German, in support of university “occupations”, in solidarity with Hamas. (She was also one of the “occupying” students).

Here, she suggests that STWC should form a new organisation to “bypass” NUS

Comrade Hammad suggested that STWC activists should largely bypass the official leadership, as the majority remained largely focused on furthering their own careers. Most students just ignore (or simply do not know about) the existing structures in any case. Hammad argued instead for the creation of a new organisation at university level, which would be able to coordinate actions like the occupations in conjunction with the STW

Here she is organising a public meeting with Noam Chomsky.

So, now we know a bit more about this commentator. She is a liar. Who has now been caught out.

No wonder she has the hots for Hizb ut Tahrir.