Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch

Yesterday, in Pakistan, a suicide bomber on foot struck at a market in the town of Khar, killing 12 people and wounding scores more.

Today, in Iraq, a suicide bomber walking among Shiite pilgrims detonated, killing at least 16. (Now 41 according to BBC News ticker).

It goes without saying that these are almost daily occurrences ‘over there’ – which of course means we don’t have to think about it with quite as much urgency as if it were happening ‘here’. But we would be very stupid not to cotton on to, absorb, reflect upon and prepare for the fact that this is the nature of the enemy we will inevitably have to face down ourselves.

The enemy of humanity is an irrational death cult, and it is growing, and spreading, and we will have to face it down decisively and ruthlessly sooner or later.

Of course I may very well be wrong. Indeed, I really do – quite fervently – hope I’m wrong. But do any facts or indicators suggest another trajectory?