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Robert Fine at the UCU

Have a read of this, erm, fine talk delivered at the the UCU meeting “Legacy of Hope: Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Resistance Yesterday and Today.”

Kudos to Hirsh and Fine for participating in this conference: although it does have the flavour of the staged Jewish-Christian disputes of history. It is easy to recall the fate of the Ramban: who “won” against the formerly Jewish Dominican, Pablo Christiani, but was nevertheless sent into exile.

When reference was made, on the UCU Activists list to David Hirsh’s own piece, in the context of a discussion of Holocaust Memorial Day, this is the reaction it elicited:

From: Dennis Leech

Give us a break.

For a more balanced account of antisemitism have a look at this Israeli documentary that was on More4 recently (and is still watchable at which also reveals the Holocaust industry for what it is.

Best wishes.


Professor Leech is one of the supporters of the BRICUP Boycott.