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Keith is Unhappy

Keith says:

“Keith Hammond”
Date: 30 January 2010 at 21:37

Hello Everyone,

I have just received an email from a sender outside of the list who quotes my last posting on Holocaust Memorial Day.

I have had this routine before.

I have saved the email and if I get one more I will make a formal complaint.  This is not an idle threat !
For the information of those involved: I willnot be intimidated and bullied and I will not stop speaking out against Zionist thugs …

I hope this is clear …



But what has Keith said that he so objects to being passed beyond the hundreds of subscribers to the UCU Activists List?

Is it this?

I was in Egypt over Christmas and the New Year and I saw what happens to unions and jobs the minute a compromise is made with Zionism. It was very nasty.

Or this?

Yesterday for me was a good opportunity to really remember the Holocaust and all those good people who went to their deaths because they refused to accept the kind of reasoning that is put in circulation now by Israel and its man in No 10 Gordon Brown.

Or this?

But we should never be fooled in thinking that opposing Zionism and battling for jobs are separate fights. They are both important because they are very much part of the same battle

What a tosser.