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Nazi Boy is hoping to become an MP!

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

The BNP website has announced that BNP Head of Publicity, Mark ‘I am evil’ Collett, is to stand against David Blunkett in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.

They’ve put up a short biography, which includes this:

He moved to Leeds to study Business and Economics at Leeds University where he graduated with an honours degree. During his time at Leeds University he joined the BNP and became actively involved in local politics, standing for election to Leeds City Council in 2002 whilst still at university.

After graduating, Mr Collett took up a full-time role working for the party and started developing and revamping the party’s local leaflets as well as working on other projects.

Noticeably absent is any reference to a couple of TV projects Collett took part in while still at university and in the period shortly after he took up his full-time BNP role.

Something to boast about, surely?

First, there was ‘Young, Nazi and Proud‘, in which Collett informed us:

National Socialism was the best solution for the German people in the 1930s.

I honestly can’t understand how a man who’s seen the inner city hell of Britain today can’t look back on that era [Hitler’s Germany] with a certain nostalgia and think yeah, those people marching through the streets and all those happy people out in the streets, you know, saluting and everything, was a bad thing.

Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better for your child to grow up there.

I’m going to level with you. I’d never say this on camera, yeah, and you can say this to whoever you want, ‘cos it’s true. The Jews have been thrown out of every country, including England. There’s not a single European country the Jews have not been thrown out of. And let’s face it, David, when it happens so many times it’s not just persecution. There’s no smoke without fire.

I like to break people. When you’ve broken them and sucked that last bit of life out of them. That’s it. When people say that I am evil, yeah I am.

Then there was ‘Nazi Boy’ (Part One, Part Two, Part Three), in which Collett expressed his admiration for Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer with the neo-Nazi band ‘Skrewdriver’ and founder of the Blood & Honour neo-Nazi movement.

In comedy news, the BNP site is citing its ‘Legal Director’ Lee ‘Odin’ Barnes as some sort of authority:

The phony UKIP party have botched their latest attempt at policy theft from the British National Party and have produced a mangled pile of nonsense, reports Lee Barnes.

For a real mangled pile of nonsense, try Barnes’s blog. Or save yourself the hassle and read last year’s highlights here.

What I want to know is when the BNP website will give space to Barnes’s ideas about how ‘the symbolism of 666 relates to the 7 inner seals of the 7 Chakras’, his theories about Obama being gay, his writings on Odin, druids, and UFOs, and most importantly his material exposing the international Jewish Zionist conspiracy!

I’d also like to know what ‘the alternate universe … where delusional Zionist slugs Harrys Place cabbage patch squirm about’ is supposed to mean, and why Lee is no longer posting comments under his real name at Harry’s Place…