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BNP allies draw up “enemies of Hungary” list

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A member of Jobbik's Hungarian Guard

The Hungarian neo-fascist Jobbik party have drawn up a list of countries and international organisations it regards are “enemies” of Hungary. Gabor Vona, the leader of Jobbik and Prime Ministerial candidate for his party, said that he would come into conflict, predictably, with America, Israel and the IMF if his party was elected to power in the April 2010 Hungarian General Election. reported the following:

“In a speech held in Esztergom over the weekend, Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona (also the party’s prime ministerial candidate) revealed what can be considered to be the party’s “enemies list”, reports. If the party were to come into power, Vona said they would come into conflict with the IMF, United States and Israel in their bid to reform Hungary’s finances and economy, although he did not give specifics.”

Vona flanked by Guard members

In 2008 the IMF bailed out Hungary with a $15.7 billion life-line as part of a program designed to ease financial market stress in the former Soviet Republic, which has been hit badly by global financial turmoil.

Hostility towards the United States and Israel is a common theme throughout Europe’s neo-fascist network, as with their hatred for global institutions like NATO and in this case the IMF, which are seen as part of global Jewish conspiracy, or a New World Order as it is euphemistically referred to.

In recent times the BNP have tried to distance itself from its anti-Semitic past by claiming that it is a friend of Israel and Jews, but this hasn’t stopped it from publically associating itself with ultra-nationalists like Jobbik, Germany’s NPD, France’s Front National, Italy’s Forza Nouva, Sweden’s National Democrats and Bulgaria’s Ataka, all of which have a deep hatred for Israel, America and Jews.

The BNP’s kidding no one but themselves when they claim they have reformed their anti-Semitic and extremist ways, when it is clear to everyone else that they continue to have love affairs with Europe’s revolting fascists and enemies of Britain’s national interest?