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Suicide Watch

Depending on one’s point of view, the Iraqi resistance is still writing its name in the stars or slaughtering and maiming people by the score this week.

The BBC reports that this morning 17 people have been killed and more than 80 injured (with the death toll expected to rise) in another suicide bomb attack in Baghdad. The fifth this week.

It’s so utterly depressing its hard not to lash out with sarcasm. For the Iraqi people, one terror has been replaced with another, and while the far left made excuses for Saddam’s terror and romanticised the nascent terror of an Islamist insurgency, it did its level best to sabotage and undermine the only force that could have restored and maintained civil order. Indeed, the far-left has worked itself up into a froth demanding that Tony Blair be tried for “war crimes” even while Iraq’s democratic prospects teeter on the brink thanks to the real fascist insurgency occupying Iraq.

In fact, the far left barely acknowledges that these forces even exist. To do so would require that they formulate a strategy to stop them, which – let’s be frank – they have no interest in doing.