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The Wisdom of Councillor Kelly

This is Labour Councillor Terry Kelly, who represents Ward 4 in Paisley North West.


He says he was the election agent of Wendy Alexander, the former leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, at the last two elections.

Yesterday and today he has visited this blog to share his wisdom. In case you missed them, here are some of the pearls he left us, with such disarming decorum:

The Scottish Labour party support me 100%; anonymous cowards have been running to the papers and the Standards Commission with trumped up charges about me for years; they all failed and so will you.

Its clear you haven’t read my blog; I stand shoulder to shoulder with suffering people the world over. I don’t care what clour or credd they are I am a humanitarian, internationalist socialist; as we already know you glory in blood and genocide.

Mark T,
Read my blog; youll find all the facts about the slaughter of the Palestinians. I am a friend of Isreal but it is governed by blood soaked gangsters; the facts speak for themselves; a 40:1 kill rate in favour of Isreal; EDUCATE YOURSELF. Don’t watch BBC< ITV< SKY and that Murdoch sucking drivel. It's criminal that we pat the licence fee; yet need to rely on Al Jazeera and Press TV to understand what is happening in the world. You read my blog and if you can prove one word I said was lies I will write you an apology. Fair? Deal? Look we’re straying from the topic here so let me spell it out for you. This is anti-semitic : I hate jews This is also anti-semitic : I hate jews because of Israel This is NOT anti semitic : I hate the blood soaked gangsters that rule Israel because they glory in the slaughter of the Palestinian people. Anaiminder, I stated quite clearly they werent socialists; your sytnthetic rage is blinding you. You can comment to me again but I won’t answer you; you’ve made your murderous racist agenda clear but I don’t think you meant to; you squalid homophobic, racist wee p*****K Anaximanders, OK, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your sincere. I don’t suppoty Hamas; but an overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people did; we have to respect that. You ask if I support their charter no I don’t; there may be a line here and there I’d agree with but overall it’s a flawed document; Hamas are not IMHO sincere or genuine socialists but they are all the Palesinian people have to defend them against the Israeli gangsters. I am not a NAZI I NEVER WILL BE. If you want more information read my blog; I have lots more detail and arguments there. vildechye, Left of centre? On Jupiter maybe; you are a shower of janus faced, liars and apologists for genocide. I wonder who is at the back of all the Samond (the spiv) or Cameron (the toff). I have a few sources who are interested in the filth that happens on line; must tell them about (Prince?) Harry’s place and its anonymous cowards. PS Don’t even think about trying the standards commission low trick; I’ve been blogging a while and I’ve learned a few tricks myself. Ana, Very convenient; why is it you clowns are always able to produce and English relative who doesn’t mind you being SNP anti English racist. Aye it might be rubbish but at least its Scottish rubbish. Im not drunk but I bet you are on the crap they call whisky; been taking it without shortbead again; ye naughty wee gnat lassie. Ana, Let me guess; a gnat braveheart too feart to show her name; anti-English racists like you have no place in the Labour movement. Its because of you and people like you that Scotland increasingly resembles Bavaria in 1939; will ye be stuffing your self with haggis on monday to celebrate the old rapist and plagiarist rabbie burns. You have the nerve to lecture me and say nothing of the most repulsive political party of them all; these people would turn Scotland into a 3rd. world banana republic and they would start “coming for the Jews, the communists, the gypsies, the trade unionists” etc. all done to the background sound of screeching bag pipes and rumbling punctual trains. There is no UK party and I include the BNP more filthy with racists and liars than the SNP. “If I was anti-seitic why did I stand up for Israel’s publicity seeking…oops humanitarian aid in Haiti?” I want to withdraw that comment it was unfair; what I meant was exploitation of the Haitian disaster to distract from the death toll back home. Hamas were democratically elected; why do you people lie about it. What about the slaughter of Palestinian woman and children; I’d rather support Hamas than murder, genocide and theft. videchaye, I am not a councillor in a Glasgow suburb; I am a Renfrewshire councillor; basic stuff. If you are prepared to lie about that; what else are you lying about. I try like hell not to hate anyone but you are testing my patience; you snivelling anonymous little creep. My views are taken seriously and shared by millions all over the world; including Jews; are thehy racists; Well? I run the most successful blog of any elected politician in Scotland 2000 hits a day and rising. What do you do; write poison pen letters and fantasise about slaughter Palestinians; peaple like you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children; this is frightening stuff; I’m glad I looked under this rock; as I wouldn’t have believed such people existed; chilling. Im wondering if the Harry who runs this place is nazi loving Prince Harry; such is the vile right wing nature of the writers. Basskey, You wish you could point a gun in the face of a terried Palestinian child like your friends in the IDF. The kill ratio in Gaza is 40:1 in Israels favour; you are nothing more than a coward and a supporter of ethnic cleansing. Gaza is the world’s biggest jail it’s people are being collectively punished for democratically electing Hamas who have offered a Israel a truce which 64% of Israelis supported, but the good ol USA didn’t so Israel was given a free hand to commit genocide. You sound like you should be in the BNP; you certainly support this modern day holocaust. Danny Smircky, The BNP are holocaust deniers and liars; I am a socialist and have been a member of the Labour movement for forty years which is how I know muffin is a liar. I don’t know why the BNP are saying things about Israel you’d have to ask them; I am no racist and have nothing to do with these people; maybe you should be asamed that even the BNP dont lie about Israels murderous Apartheid state the way you do. BassKey, I do have a credible source for the Bengurion quote; why don’t you do some research instead of reading zionist rubbish on the internet. vildechaye The Jews must be so proud to have someone like you in their corner; you are just another anonymous coward exploting the Jewish people for their own sick ends. The USA give millions to Israel to appease the powerful Israel lobby back home; everyone knows this and all decent people including many jews are disgusted by i. request for advice “I support the boycott and here’s the reason why; I can taste Apartheid in an outspan lemon pie. I can smell the Verwoerd in a Capetown Sherry wine; I support the boycott all along the line” This is a great Anti-apatheid song that I and the millions the world over once sang about South Africa; Is rael is responsible for crimes against humanity and mislead the world into buying their goods; the boycott is not anti-semitic; you are just exploting the jewish to people to support evil. S.O Muffin I always start out with the intention of having a proper debate but you are testing my patience with this rubbish; are you writing from a secure unit?The underhand Israeli criminals get billions of pounds from the USA to muder Palestinians and steal their land; people are using the problem of anti-Semitism to distract from the evil nature of the Apartheid state; the focus should be on stopping Israel but it isn’t; why do think that might be; think about it. I am a serving Labour councillor; do you think I’d be allowed in the party if I was an anti-Semite? Why are you hiding your name and affiliation? Plenty of foul mouthed apologists for the Apartheid state here; your familys must be so proud of you all; the big brave anonymous cowards. There’s no denying the facts and this anti-semitism stuff is a distraction from the genocidal actions of the Israeli state. Israel ignores UN resolutions every day and America and it’s friends look the other way; in fact it’s worse than that they finance them; if America told Israel to stop they would do it but; so strong is the Israeli lobby in America that they daren’t say it; war crimes are being committed by Israel and the world does nothing because of the Israeli influence on American society. The synthetic anger of the apologists for evil speaks volumes. *** More wonderful insights into world affairs are available on Councillor Kelly's blog. Strapline: The view from Left field, politics, entertainment, argument and insight into my world. For Socialism, peace and justice, against racism, sexism, sectarianism, nationalism and discrimination. Avanti Poplo! [sic]

A few samples:

Also on the same channel (Press TV) reports were shown from Cairo where Egypt had stopped the Viva Palestina aid convoy heading for beleaguered Gaza; thousands of volunteers were there from all over the world and they were carrying nothing more dangerous than medicine and babies nappies. The convoy workers who were interviewed were quite inspirational; among them were Rabbis from Britain; France; America and Israel itself all demanding that relief be allowed in to Gaza; this of course gives the lie to those who immediately shout anti Semite at anyone who is critical of Israel; there were too many Israeli flags on view to allow that jibe to stand. One very distinguished and ancient looking old Rabbi from Manchester with his black hat and long beard was asked what he hoped to achieve and he said “to bring relief to the suffering and to show the world that Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism; Zionism is an affront to Judaism” hugely humble and uplifting. [here]


I would also like to offer best wishes for another decade to the Cuban revolution and it’s leaders including El Commandante himself Fidel Castro 94 years would be a good innings for one of history’s true giants; will Obama be the man to see the light and get round the table? Let’s hope so; to put Cuba into perspective perhaps Obama should consider the fact that America kills more illegal immigrants from Capitalist Mexico in a year than died during the existence of the Berlin Wall and also consider why America celebrates people defecting from Communist Cuba while still shooting dead those Capitalist Mexican illegal’s; it’s the American Way ‘YURP’ and it’s a strange world. [here]


Don’t buy Israeli goods; don’t have dealings with Israel; don’t visit the place; ban sporting contacts with them; shun them for the vile racists they are; force them through an economic blockade to do the decent thing. Force them to act as they once did; when their treatment under the Nazis won them the respect and affection of most of the world; [emphasis added] many people like me remain livid at the Behaviour of the Israeli State; behaviour that has made many of us move from being massively sympathetic to the suffering of the Jews to being livid at the way they continue to treat the Palestinians. [here]