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Nick Griffin to attend white supremacist conference; BNP’s German allies launch anti-Israel tirade

From Nothing British:

Nick Griffin set to attend white supremacist conference

BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP is set to attend a conference organised by American Renaissance, where he will speak alongside Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, anti-immigration extremists and eugenicists.

Israel in Germany is “monstrous”, says BNP’s European ally

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel are holding talks in Berlin to symbolise their strong bond 60 years after the Holocaust. The two nations’ cabinets will convene for the first time in history.

For Griffin’s NPD allies this is ‘monstrous’, while BNP legal director Lee Barnes finds it ‘sickening’ and a ‘betrayal not of Germany and the German people but all morality’.