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The Deceptions and Distortions of BNP activist Beverley Kerry

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Recently, Derbyshire BNP activist, ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival attendee, and Vanguard News Network UK forum moderator Beverley Kerry turned up in the comments section of this cross post of mine at Harry’s Place. Poor Ms Kerry, being a good ‘modern BNP’ supporter, was shocked and appalled to find herself being associated with racism, neo-Nazis, and neo-Nazi ideology. Apparently, I’m a ‘liar’. Let’s see about that…

Beverley Kerry and Racism

Kerry claims:

I am not a “rancid old racist” – I am a person who considers herself let down by the traditional old guard parties. Labour does not represent people like me – white, working class – any more.


I do not consider myself as racist. I do consider myself annoyed at feeling second best. I want equal rights for everyone in Britain.


I think the BNP distanced itself from the old “racist” image a long time ago but it will obviously take time for people to accept and believe it. I understand that which is why I am taking the time to respond.

Kerry does not consider herself racist. Funny that – given that’s what every BNP member and supporter I’ve come across so far claims. But anyway, Kerry’s idea of what constitutes racism is clearly rather different to that of the average person. Here she is, in her own words:

In this thread at the VNN forum discussing the ‘New Nationalist Party’, Kerry wrote:

Can’t speak for Stormfront but there is nothing wrong with any of the B&H moderators or admins apart from being biased against niggerlovers. So sue us. Although I quite understand why you said that as we kicked your ass clear outta there (twice) and your supporting of the New Nigger Party didn’t do you much good when you went crying (again) to c18thug to be let back in.

I pointed this post out to her at HP and she has since edited it (‘Reason: being misquoted’). The post now reads:

Can’t speak for Stormfront but there is nothing wrong with any of the B&H moderators or admins apart from being biased against immigrant lovers. So sue us. Although I quite understand why you said that as we kicked your ass clear outta there (twice) and your supporting of the New Nationalist Party didn’t do you much good when you went crying (again) to c18thug to be let back in.

Unfortunately for Kerry, not only is there a screen shot of the unedited post showing exactly what she actually wrote here, the post beneath hers quotes her original unedited post, so it’s still there for all to see (I suppose she’s claiming that this is a ‘misquote’). Now, if we put the fact she admits here that she is or was a Blood & Honour (B&H) forum administrator and associates with people with names like ‘c18thug’ (C18 = Combat 18) aside for a moment, it’s rather hard to see how anyone who doesn’t consider themself racist would use the expression ‘niggerlover’ and refer to a party led by a mixed race woman as the ‘New Nigger Party’. In her next post in the thread (screen shot here) she also refers to ‘fellow Aryan nations’. Of course, ‘Aryan’ when used to refer to whites has no racist connotations at all, right? *cough*

And there’s more: Kerry contributed to a VNN thread here entitled ‘Thieving Nigger bends fence post with it’s [sic] butt’ (screen shot here). As a non-racist, she of course only posted there to condemn the use of racist language in the thread’s title, right? No, in fact she added the following comment:

Typical jig, always arsing about.

I think it’s safe to say using ‘jig’ as a term for a black person is undeniably racist.

Then there are Kerry’s writings about Jews. In this post (screen shot here) Kerry explains why she and others on the VNN UK forum avoid too much blatant anti-Semitism in their posts:

With all due respect, your jibes at Sid about his jew avatar don’t help matters. He has the avatar because several Americans keep baiting us about not naming the jew, and as you know, it’s difficult to do that here in the UK as Sheppard and Whittle found out. And seeing as zog can so easily trace most of us on the England forum, we don’t tend to go overboard in public about the jew.

If she doesn’t tend to ‘go overboard in public about the jew’, one can’t help but wonder what Kerry likes to say about Jews in private. Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle are two British neo-Nazis who were convicted last year of inciting racial hatred against Jews and other minority ethnic groups:

Reviewing lawyer Mari Reid of the CPS’s Counter Terrorism Division said: “That leaflet [‘Tales of the Holohoax’] went much further than simply denying the Holocaust, which is not in itself an offence in this country. The whole subject was treated in a way that was insulting and abusive and as a subject for humour.

“Another example was a leaflet called ‘Ohdruff, Auschwitz Holiday Resort’, where the general theme was that Auschwitz was in fact a holiday camp provided by the Nazi regime and to which Jews from all over Europe came to enjoy a free holiday.

“People are entitled to hold racist and extreme opinions which others may find unpleasant and obnoxious. What they are not entitled to do is to publish or distribute those opinions to the public in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner, either intending to stir up racial hatred or in circumstances where it is likely racial hatred will be stirred up.

“The vast majority of the material in this case concerned Jewish people, but there was also material relating to black, Asian and non-white people generally, all described in derogatory terms using offensive language.


Commenting on the case, Bassetlaw MP John Mann, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism, said: “The conviction of Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle is proof that if you write, disseminate and publish antisemitic racist propaganda in the UK, or on the internet from here in the UK, the police will come after you and the courts will convict. This case sets an excellent precedent — antisemitic hate is not welcome here in the UK.

What possible reason could the ‘non-racist’ Kerry have for being worried by the case of Sheppard and Whittle? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Kerry is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. Here she is discussing Muslims (screen shot here):

I’ve had this argument with Americans on the B&H forum and they just don’t understand the scale of muslim occupation and behaviour in the UK. As we know, a lot of it doesn’t get reported in the media so it’s hard for the US to imagine. Before anyone says it, we know it’s the jew that pushes the enforced shit upon us, but knowing that doesn’t actually make it any easier on us when he have traditions taken away and attacks committed on our people.

It’s ‘the jew’ again. Incidentally, Kerry, using the term ‘the jew’ when referring to Jewish people as some sort of collective group is also anti-Semitic in itself.

I’m sure by now everyone is convinced that, whether she considers herself racist or not, Ms Kerry is indeed a racist. She condemns herself by her own words. The question is, why is she so keen to deny her obvious racism? And the answer is that nowadays she promotes the BNP and has even delivered leaflets for them ‘a few times’ (i.e. represented the party to the general public). And as we all know, the ‘new BNP’ isn’t racist. *cough*

Kerry is rather keen on presenting a ‘non-racist’ face in public when it suites her. Here’s a post of hers in which she explains how she tries to pull the wool over normal people’s eyes (screen shot here). Kerry quotes a message she sent to KFC complaining about their use of halal meat and then clears up any misunderstanding about her apparent opposition to racism:

Let me being by saying I am not racist at all and I deplore racism. However, I find the method of preparing halal meat barbaric and distasteful. The practice has been condemned by such notable bodies as the Farmer’s Union, the RSPCA, PETA and even various government officials.

My family will no longer be consuming KFC foods – any foods, not just the halal – if you adopt this practice.

Don’t start about the first sentence – it’s there just so they don’t dismiss my comment.

Beverley Kerry and Neo-Nazism #1: VNN Forum and Blood & Honour Forum

Kerry openly acknowledges that she is a moderator in the UK sub-section of the Vanguard News Network (VNN) forum. The VNN forum’s mission statement (‘Our Cause and Our Case’) can be found here. The author is the vile anti-Semite and white supremacist Alex Linder, founder of VNN (see this article for more on his ideology). The mission statement reads:

– Whites form a race with interests requiring their separation from other races.

– The foremost enemy of the White race is the international jew, which uses its media and political control to forcibly mix Whites with coloreds, bringing about genocide via murder and miscegenation.

– Opposition to the jew’s genocidal scheme is called “hate” in controlled media, but the truth is that ‘haters’ are freedom fighters in a war for White liberation.

– We at VNN pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to resist Jewish Tyranny by every means until White liberation is achieved.

It is simply impossible that anyone but an out and out racist and neo-Nazi sympathiser would participate in a forum with such a mission statement, let alone act as a moderator there.

Then there’s the Blood & Honour forum at

Kerry writes:

I do not know anyone from Blood and Honor – I was a moderator on their forum for a short period of time before I left in disgust.


I didn’t really know what it referred to [the name ‘Blood & Honour’]. I was given the link to the site in a chatroom many years ago that used to exist for the NF. When I joined, I mainly stuck to the England section and saw posts about the BNP, halal meat, the banning of Christmas cards in schools etc, all of which are things that concern me.

It is an American site run by American people … It was closed for viewing until one registered, like many are, and when I did join, I stuck to the England/Britain section, as I said.

So, Kerry became a moderator on a Blood & Honour forum after being given a link to it in a National Front chatroom (I suppose Kerry doesn’t believe the NF are racist, either). She moderated the B&H forum but had no idea that the words ‘Blood & Honour’ are derived from Nazism and, presumably, after discovering to her horror that B&H is actually an international neo-Nazi network allied with Combat 18, she ‘left in disgust’.

I won’t bore you all with the details, but Blood & Honour is an organisation that promotes extreme race hate material and was founded by Ian Stuart Donaldson of the British neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver. Kerry had no idea of this, apparently, even though she was a moderator at a B&H forum. There are more than a few problems with this absurd scenario, and here are some of them:

1. Kerry acknowledges she is a friend of Tommy Williams and the Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics team. She also acknowledges that they are Blood & Honour supporters. Apparently, she didn’t bother to ask them what this B&H business was all about before becoming a B&H moderator.

2. In March 2007, Kerry wrote: ‘I spend most of my time at’ (screen shot here). In October 2008, Kerry was discussing the hacking of the B&H forum by anti-fascists (screen shot here). She wrote:

It caused us a LOT of hassle but it’s secure now and back to normal. Fortunately, the way the hackers downloaded the information, there was nothing incriminating because it was saved in such a way that it could be stated it had been interfered with.

Kerry was supposedly ‘a moderator on their forum for a short period of time before I left in disgust’, yet these posts show that she was a moderator there for over a year – hardly a ‘short period of time’.

3. In this post at VNN (screen shot here), Kerry states that she has a ‘Skrewdriver’ tattoo (as well as admitting her role of ‘moderating/being admin on the most extreme nazi forum on the internet’). Kerry wants us to believe that while she is such a big fan of Ian Stuart Donaldson’s band Skrewdriver that she got their name tattooed on her arm, she had absolutely no idea what the movement Donaldson founded – Blood & Honour – was all about. One of Skrewdriver’s albums is actually called ‘Blood and Honour’ and the band’s music is put out by ISD Records, which is openly neo-Nazi.

Beverley Kerry and Neo-Nazism #2: ‘odinsgal88’

According to Kerry:

My old username [on Stormfront] of odinsdaughter reflects my religion, not any sort of neo-nazi conspiracy.

‘Odinsdaughter’ is indeed one of Kerry’s online aliases, but not just on Stormfront. Here’s her page on the BNP ‘social network’ ( (screen shot here), for example, and her personal blog (now set to private) is at (screen shot here) (her ‘odinsdaughter’ Blogger profile which links to her blog is here; screen shot here).

Another of Kerry’s online aliases is, or was, ‘odinsgal88’. Those who know anything about the neo-Nazi ‘scene’ will be aware that the number ’88’ is used as a code meaning ‘Heil Hitler’ (8=H). Now, being the slippery character she is, Kerry will no doubt claim that this is all a misunderstanding and the ’88’ in her old alias really refers to something completely innocuous, such as her IQ, for example. Or perhaps she’ll claim she has never used the ‘odinsgal88’ name?

Well, we can safely state that, in addition to all the material I’ve already highlighted in this post, it would hardly be out of character for Kerry to use a neo-Nazi code in one of her names. But anyway, there’s yet more confirmation in this post (screen shot here), in which she expressed her desire for a National Socialist (‘NS’) government in Britain. Discussing the presence of Muslims in Britain, Kerry wrote:

We would need a Nationalist or NS government to force them to go, and hope that the monarch of the time would not use the one power they have left to declare crisis and dissolve Government.

And we will never get an NS government elected when, partially due to white voter apathy, the Muslim/Jew/other non-white and antifa vote outnumbers the white vote every time.

Now, moving on to Kerry’s use of the ‘odinsgal88’ name, here’s the proof.

1. The fact that Kerry used to post as ‘odinsgal88’ on VNN before changing her user name to ‘Bev’ can be seen in older posts of hers which were quoted by other forum members at the time. While her name is displayed as ‘Bev’ in her posts, the quotes from her posts retain the previous user name. Examples can be found in this thread (screen shot here). There’s also this thread at VNN – ‘Happy Birthday odinsgal88!’ – in which numerous VNN forum members including ‘Wigan Mike’ Heaton wish ‘odinsgal88’ a happy birthday. Kerry’s replies clearly illustrate that the birthday girl in question was indeed her, and that she was indeed ‘odinsgal88’ (screen shot here).

2. The fact that Kerry used to use the name ‘odinsgal88’ on Blogger can be seen in the comments Kerry left on various blogs under that name (see here, here, and here, for example).

3. The fact that Kerry used to blog at under the name ‘odinsgal88’ can be seen by comparing this screen shot of her old blog with this screen shot of her new blog before she set it to private. Note that on her original blog, Kerry showed her support for a campaign to free Sheppard and Whittle (‘Free The Heretical Two’) and was offering a link to the Blood & Honour forum she claims she left ‘in disgust’ as recently as July 2009. It was, apparently, a ‘must not miss site’.

What kind of activities has Kerry got up to in her ‘odinsgal88’ guise? A February 12, 2006 post at the Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics blog of her friend Tommy Williams (screen shot here) informs us:

Then theres the C18 / B&H Chatroom. This chatroom was once a thriving room with many nationalists coming in and out all the time and most evenings would always see an interesting chat going on. The room has been popular for years but Chantelle (a.k.a THE TROLL & CHANTROLL) managed to worm her way in with lies and after causing much division became and administraitor and almost instantly the visitor numbers dropped as she was obsessed with having the power to ‘boot’ people from the room. It became worse and eventually the room became almost non existant and would sometimes go days or even weeks with any form of conversations or visitors. In the past few days we at C.U.N.Ts have heard several stories of the TROLL abusing genuine and good users of the chatroom, insisting they speak to her or face being evicted and after many complaints it has been decided that she will lose any admin privilages she might have and the contol has now been handed back to an old friend of ours, the wonderful ODINSGAL88.

So, in February 2006, Kerry was administrator of a Combat 18/Blood & Honour chatroom, which was located at Here’s what the main page looked like in February 2006 (via



Postscript: I have contacted the police regarding material posted in the UK sub-section of the VNN Forum which almost certainly contravenes the Public Order Act 1986 and the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006. The precedent set by the Sheppard and Whittle case has greatly increased the chance of successful prosecutions for inciting racial hatred via the internet, and I encourage readers who come across material likely to be in contravention of the law to pass such material to the police.