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Flying the white flag: BNP Defence

This is a cross-post from Nothing British

Today, Nick Griffin will launch the British National Party’s 2010 General Election campaign. The party is attempting to exploit the growing voter scepticism about the intervention in Afghanistan. (For more information on the BNP’s foreign and defence policy, please see our dossier.)

In the run up to this campaign, the BNP has propagated that it is the only party that would put Britain’s national interest first. It has claimed time and again that it is “tough on terror”. Furthermore, it has wanted the public to believe that it is the party of the troops.

This is rubbish.

They want Britain to abandon our allies, turn our backs on injustice, withdraw from the world stage, run down the army, and leave terrorists and dictators to their own devices. The BNP’s European allies support terrorism in the Middle East and have connections to Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The worrying problem is that the BNP are pulling the wool over the eyes of the British electorate by making them believe that by shirking away from our responsibilities and isolate ourselves from our closest allies will make us safer.

The BNP defence policy:-

  • Withdraw all British troops from Afghanistan.
  • Deny that foreign Islamist terrorists are a threat to Britain’s national security.
  • Pull out of our commitments to NATO.
  • Isolate Britain from the United States.
  • Expel non-whites from the Armed Services

Don’t surrender to Bin Laden and the Taliban by voting BNP.

Keep Britain safe from terrorism.