Horror in Haiti

The news coming out of Haiti— already one of the world’s poorest and most desperate countries– following the terrible earthquake on Tuesday is heart-rending.

The latest reports are of possibly hundreds of thousands of dead and most of the capital Port-au-Prince destroyed.

(Among the countries sending an experienced rescue team and a field hospital is Israel. Perhaps the nefarious hidden purpose behind this will be discussed at Saturday’s Palestine: beyond the headlines seminar sponsored by Green Left and Socialist Resistance.)

The National Public Radio website has a list of some ways to help.

Update: Some commenters are unhappy that I used this catastrophe to take a dig at Israel’s enemies. They may have a point, although it would be nice to see at least one Israel-basher praise Israel for sending life-saving help halfway around the world.

I have been harshly critical of Hugo Chavez’s government in Venezuela. But I note with appreciation that Venezuela is among the nations sending help to Haiti. Perhaps Venezuelans and Israelis will be able to cooperate in saving lives.

Additional update: On further reflection, I’m sorry for including the barb at Israel bashers in a post that should have been devoted exclusively to the catastrophe in Haiti. I apologize to anyone who was genuinely upset by it. It was just a bit of frustration with those who will never give Israel credit for anything.

At least Haiti, unlike Iran after the 2003 Bam earthquake, is welcoming aid from all countries without exception.

Further update:
Of course nothing I said in regard to the Haitian earthquake– or nothing I could imagine saying– is as contemptible as what Rush Limbaugh said.