Better news from Afghanistan

This is a crosspost by MoreMediaNonsense

A new BBC poll which shows how most Afghanis hate the Taliban and support US forces has just come out, see here :

Most Afghans are increasingly optimistic about the state of their country, a poll commissioned by the BBC, ABC News and Germany’s ARD shows.

Of more than 1,500 Afghans questioned, 70% said they believed Afghanistan was going in the right direction – a big jump from 40% a year ago.

Of those questioned, 68% now back the presence of US troops in Afghanistan, compared with 63% a year ago.

The other significant theme which emerges from the figures is growing antipathy towards the Taliban.

Ninety per cent said they wanted their country run by the current government, compared with 6% who said they favoured a Taliban administration.

Sixty-nine per cent believed the Taliban posed the biggest danger to the country, and 66% blamed the Taliban, al-Qaeda and foreign militants for violence in Afghanistan.

I wonder how the “anti-imperialist” Left will try to spin this poll. Probably they’ll either ignore it or claim its been done by neocons ie the usual fact defying garbage.

The likes of Respect who continuously depict the Afghan war as against Muslims should read this evidence and hang their heads in shame.