Anwar Al Awlaki

Why Has UCL ISOC Just Wiped Its Events Calendar?

UCL ISOC is, as we are reassured by the University and the Students Union alike, a moderate body. Any suggestion that it played a role in the preparation of the Undiebomber for his mission of mass murder is just so much michief making.

So, I wonder precisely why they’re so keen to hide the nature of the activities they’ve been pushing to UCL students?

It can’t be the fact that they’re raising money for the Hamas-linked Interpal.

Neither can it be their campaigning on behalf of the Hamas-linked Ummah Welfare Trust. That sort of political activity is still considered to be wholly respectable.

So what it is that they’re now embarrassed about?

Fortunately the Google cache (also preserved here) has the answer:


Oh yes, an invitation to UCL students to attend the East London Mosque’s Awlakifest. That must be it.