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The House of Saud like you’ve never seen them before!

This is a cross-post from Shiraz Maher

The Saudi royal family is massive, comprising of an estimated 7000 or so members. Like any family, they have diverse interests.

Recently, one of King Abdullah’s brothers, Prince Faisal bin Mansour, has decided to try his hand at becoming an R&B singer. He even sings about the usual topics of R&B songs – promiscuity, partying, frivolity – but from a uniquely Saudi perspective.

For example, here he is singing: ‘Never Too Late’.

It was at this at this party / where I saw this shorty / and she was all over the place / tried to get male attention / by wearing short dresses / but she had a sad look on her face / young sister / you ain’t gotta dress the way that you seen on TV / be true to (Allah) yourself nobody else / and believe me you’re gonna be free / everybody makes mistakes / but it’s no reason to lose your faith / just believe that God is great / and inshalla you’ll find your way

Unfortunately, the House of Saud is not best pleased about Prince Faisal’s fledgling singing career and has told him to put a stop to it. You can, however, still download another of Faisal’s songs, Dear Mother Dear Father, through his website, Islam is eternal.

Maybe he should have employed this guy as a backing dancer:


(Via: True/Slant)