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Time For Atonement For Viva Palestina

This is a cross post by Eyal from The Spittoon

Following the riots by Viva Palestine supporters, Egyptian authorities have declared George Galloway a persona-non-grata in Egypt. The latest news now is that as a result of Viva Palestine’s behavior, Egyptian authorities have decided to ban all aid conveys through their territory.

Well, those pro-Hamas “human-rights” folks can really pat themselves on the back. They have finally achieved something: through their narcissistic self-righteousness, their provocative actions, and their explicit contempt for anyone not supportive of Hamas clerical fascists, the population of Gaza is now worse off than before. Good job!

Since they won’t be journeying to Gaza anytime soon, now would be a good time for the people of Viva Palestine, and those associated with them, to re-examine themselves and their conduct.

First off, they should ask themselves whether the best way to promote a solution to the conflict in the Middle East is to fraternize with every tyrant, terrorist organization, and Islamist extremist en route to Gaza.

No less important, they should ask themselves whether their support for Hamas is actually doing anything to help the civilian population of Gaza, or whether it just aiding Hamas. Ha’aretz journalist Amira Hass, not exactly a big fan of Israel or its policies, gave hint to these thoughts as she described the restrictions Hamas imposed on speech, movement, and the oppression of the local civilian population.

Hopefully, those of the European left not too consumed with hatred of Israel will realize that employing provocative media stunts, and supporting terrorist organizations and extremists is doing nothing to help either find a solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict, nor the Palestinians themselves. They will realize that their support for Hamas only scores propaganda points for a group of religious fanatics who oppose practically every modern moral value, and subjugate their own people in order to maintain control.

Finally, they should be asking themselves how they can adopt a more balanced view of the conflict, and what constructive measures they can take that will actually help resolve the conflict and benefit the people of this region.