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Palestinian Return Centre linked website turns on European fascist ally

This is a guest post by Bob à Jobbik

Do you remember Sameh Habeeb? He’s a Palestinian activist with very close links to Palestinian Return Centre (PRC). He’s the chap who wrote an email to Nothing British to complain that the PRC was not anti-Semitic because they had invited “NORMAN Frankensteine who is Jew”. He meant Norman Finkelstein, of course.

Mr Habeeb is also the editor of The Palestine Telegraph (PT), which has close links to the pro-Hamas PRC. The PT’s patron is the Daily Mail journalist, Lauren Booth. The PRC lists the Istanbul Declaration signatory and MCB Deputy-Secretary, Daud Abdullah, as a senior researcher and is close to Clare Short MP and Lib Dem Baroness Jenny Tonge.

Last November the PRC invited the Hungarian neo-fascist MEP, Kristina Morvai, to its December conference in London. It then withdrew the invitation after pressure from Nothing British.

The PT has just written a review of 2009 that documents last year’s rise of the European far-right. The article, rightly, points out the worrying rise of anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe: summing it up as not being a good year for Muslims.

It goes on to say: “In early June, European Elections saw numerous far right parties making gains across the whole of Europe.” It then lists Geert Wilders, the Swiss minaret ban and the BNP’s two MEP’s.

It then comes as a surprise to read the PT mentioning the rise of Hungarian neo-fascism and adding this description of Jobbik: “Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, which described itself as an anti-immigration party and has called on the police to crack down on Gypsies”.

Jobbik is a revolting party. The Hungarian Guard, Jobbik’s black-shirted militia wear uniforms similar to the Arrow Cross, Hungary’s fascist wartime party who were installed by the Nazis and also responsible for the escalation of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz towards the end of the war. The Guard was recently banned by the Hungarian Supreme Court for its regular incitement of hatred against minorities living in Hungary (also see this briefing here to find out more).

Jobbik recently entered into a pan-European political alliance with the anti-Muslim BNP, Front National and other European fascists.

In October 2008 Jobbik invited Nick Griffin and Roberto Fiore, the convicted Italian terrorist and close friend of the BNP leader, to Budapest for Jobbik’s annual rally, where they both gave speeches to a crowd of Hungarian fascists.

Fiore delivered a neo-Nazi rant against Jews and homosexuals. Explaining the credit crisis to an over excited fascist audience, he said: “This is the same capitalism that is pushing thousands and millions towards poverty. But it is lead and it is directed from the same people who put Christ on the cross!” You can see his speech here.

Despite Jobbik’s fascist friends and its hatred of Gypsies, immigrants, Jews, Gays, Israel and America the PRC were still keen to t extend an invitation to Ms Morvai.

But then again Jobbik’s leadership are apologists for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s violence against democratic activists (also watch Nick Griffin on this issue) and are crudely sympathetictowards the Islamic far-right in Gaza when they are killing innocent Israeli civilians