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The wisdom of the BNP

This is a cross-post by Edmund Standing

A quick round-up of what the BNP are saying:

In nutter news, Martin Wingfield informs readers of Nick Griffin’s MEP website:

THE Office of Nick Griffin is making Freedom of Information requests to councils across the North West of England to determine whether the promotion of the global warming agenda effected the purchasing of supplies of salt and grit to treat the region’s roads.

The MEP is concerned that propaganda about the rise in temperatures caused by man-made global warming might have influenced council bosses in the quantities of grit and salt they purchased to treat snow and frost bound roads this winter.

Elsewhere, Wigan Patriot reports on a Telegraph article arguing that the National Curriculum is being ‘dumbed down’.

‘Keep them Ignorant and Illiterate and they’re easier to control, easier to manipulate’, states the Patriot (sounds like a BNP policy to me), demonstrating the problem by injecting unneeded capitalisation into his sentence. Eager to prove the illiterate state of the nation, a commenter follows the Patriot’s lead by writing of the ‘hypocricy [sic] of the authorities’. The theme continues in the Patriot’s next post, where we learn of ‘Communism and Marxism at it’s [sic] best’.

The Sheffield Nationalist offers yet more evidence in a post on ‘The Price We Have To Pay When Keeping These Foreigner’s’ [sic]. We can’t blame the BNP for this, of course, as the Sheffield Nationalist blog apparently reflects its author’s ‘own personnel [sic] opinion and that of no one else’.

The BNP and its members are fond of attacking ‘elites’ and ‘elitism’, by which they actually mean people who are educated and don’t see the world in black and white (no pun intended). Surely standardised spelling and grammar are manifestations of exactly the kind of elitism they so despise?

Of course, the recent success of the BNP may well indicate that the British education system is not what it once was. Look no further than BNP supporting blogs if you want evidence of dumbed down and ignorant writing.

Finally, Derby Patriot brings us this: ‘Obama hung [sic] in Georgia’. It’s hard not to detect gloating:

Not everyone is pleased Obama was inaugrated [sic] as president in 2009.

The secret service are investigating the public hanging of an effigy of Obama above a red, white and blue sign in Plains, Georgia, the home of Jimmy Carter.

As readers may well be aware, the BNP is fond of these kind of effigies. At this year’s ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival members were filmed burning a golly toy which had been found ‘guilty’ of ‘being black’.